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Mum's The World - Happy Mother's Day ♡

The creative minds behind our homeware brands share pearls of wisdom gleaned from their Mothers; valuable lessons that have supported them in life and business.

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Sunday 22nd March 2020 is Mother’s Day – a celebration of Motherhood and a time for sons and daughters to shower their dearest mama with cards, gifts, chocolates and flowers in observance of all the wisdom and support she has given over the years – nurturing, guiding, teaching, comforting, and caring for them… all with seemingly instinctive ease.

In this blog feature, we asked the designers, artists and craftspeople behind the homeware brands we stock at Monocrhome to share the pearls of wisdom they gleaned from their Mothers; valuable lessons that have supported them in life and business.

Kyle Comeaux, founder and principal designer at Komolab

My mother was an art teacher; she mostly taught children and young adults how to draw and oil-paint. Occasionally I would participate in her classes, especially if I thought one of the girls were cute! The drawing technique she taught was about being able to look at an object, or a photograph, then recreate it onto canvas by scaling with your hand and pencil. But, with my rebellious side, I did not want to recreate images, so I would mostly draw abstract objects and strange things.

Having a small art-studio in my backyard growing up had a huge effect on me. It's where I've spent many late night hours of solitude either working on art or music. Music was another influence. My mother had gone to college for piano tuition and we had a beautiful upright Steinway piano in our living room. Watching her play as a child opened the door for me as a musician in my youth. Our creative tastes are very different, but my mother definitely has a profound influence on who I am today.

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Omar Ortiz Franco, founder of La Muerte Tiene Permiso

My mom encouraged me to take English classes and to take an interest in other cultures. This led to me exploring Europe for the first time after university. It was only through visiting other countries and learning about other cultures that I learned what it truly means to be Mexican, so now I am proud to be sharing our cultural traditions with others around the world.

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Carys Briggs, textile designer and co-founder of Stoff Studios

My mum has supported Stoff Studios in every way, but the first thing she did to set me on the course of becoming a textile designer was to take me out charity shopping!

Since going on epic, day-long trawls covering the amazing charity shops near my parents home in York, I've used thrifting as a way of gathering new inspiration whenever I'm beginning a new project.

My mum drives a hard bargain so anything over a fiver tends to get left behind. Together we've found cashmere jumpers in strangely fashionable colours (lilac and tobacco!), beautiful British-made 1970s dinner sets in olive greens and mustard, and hauls of old cookbooks by the likes of Jane Grigson and Elizabeth David with woodblock illustrations and Riviera-depicting loose covers.

I think it's the idea of going out and not knowing what you'll find (if anything); learning to look at objects without any context and deciding straight away if you're going to love them or leave them behind that I find so inspiring. Not only has it meant that we have a huge collection of lovely ceramics in our kitchen at home, but helped me to trust my own instincts when it comes to colour combinations or design ideas...or at least my mum's!

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Rajinder “Raj” Matharu, founder of Mason+Black

To put it simply, Mason+Black would not have been possible without my mother. She provided the guidance, strength and advice to persevere with my dreams. My mother gave me unwavering support but also a level head in terms of the type of products that would be successful. Thanks to mother, Mason+Black is here today and will continue to be for a long time.

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Eleanor Nadimi, textile designer & founder of One Nine Eight Five

My mother is one of the most inspiring women I know. From as far back as I can remember she always had us making things and painting at the kitchen table. As I grew up her enthusiasm for us to create continued. She’s a huge supporter of what I do and she often comes into the studio to lend a hand with the brand. My mum is amazing, and I don’t know what path I would have taken without her guidance.

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Miguel Ángel, holistic aromatherapist and founder of ELM RD

My mum has been a key role model in shaping who I am. From a very young age and into my adult life, she has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself and has taught me that you must work hard to achieve your goals. Therefore, I would say I have definitely gleaned my determination and strong work ethic from my mother.

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May we end by wishing mums everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day!

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