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Dried Flowers : Our Pick Of The Bunch

Dried flowers have become a hot new trend in interior design. So much so that dried flower sales have increased dramatically in the last year. Here's how can you incorporate dried flowers into your home styling.

Nothing transforms the home better than a bunch of flowers. But hands up who has the time to keep them alive. Nope, us neither… And while faux flowers are lovely, they’re not quite like the real thing. So, what’s the solution?

This might surprise you, but have you considered filling your home with dried flowers? If not, there are SO many reasons to love them.

Why choose fabulous florals?

Well first up, they’re incredibly low maintenance. This is perfect for those of us who aren’t so good at keeping them alive (guilty). You don’t need to put them in water - you can simply pop them in a ceramic, metal, marble or glass vase and they’ll instantly add a touch of Parisian chic to your surrounding space.

Dried flowers are also friendly on the purse strings. There’s no need to replace them as frequently as fresh flowers, which wither quickly. And you can use them all-year round too, so you don’t have to wait for your favourite fleurs to come into season.

When it comes to your home’s monochrome colour scheme, dried flowers can make the perfect addition. The appeal of fresh flowers is that they add a pop of vibrant colour to a room. But that isn't always fitting in a monochrome styled space. The muted hues of dried flowers lend themselves to a black and white interior and, with so many dried options available, there's bound to be a bunch in a shade that suits your monochromatic style.

Let the flowers do the talking in your home

Dried poppy seed heads

If you’re looking to create a dramatic look in your home, poppy seed heads are perfect for making a minimalist statement. We think they’re one of the world’s most unique stems, and they look wonderful bundled up in a bouquet or on their own in a tall vase.

Cotton stalks

Cotton stalks are both ethereal and romantic, and can be used to add softness to your home. And despite how delicate they look, they’re actually more robust than delicate petals. This means they’ll be able to stand the test of time.

Pampas grass

It’s not just colour that can do the talking; texture can really add depth and cosiness to your interior design. When paired together in a bouquet, pampas grass, lagurus ovatus (bunny's tails), and gypsophila paniculata (baby’s breath) add an explosion of texture and detail that you’re sure to love. Choosing flowers with neutral tones can strengthen your monochrome theme while also adding intrigue with the textures on show.


Lavender isn’t just soothing, relaxing and beautifully scented, but it looks so pretty on display. It’s also incredibly versatile — pair it with crisp, white flowers to breathe new life into your monochrome look.


A sheaf of wheat looks magnificent in a transparent tabletop vase, allowing you to see the slender stems beneath the flower heads which are beautifully symmetrical, with rows of neatly aligned 'spikelets'.

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