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Uplift, Inspire & Relax With Essential Oils

Discover how to relax, uplift your spirits and boost your concentration with essential oils; one drop at a time.

Relax and boost your mood with essential oils; one drop at a time

Whether the kids are driving you mad or you’ve had a super stressful day at work, you don’t need to reach for that glass of wine (even though it’s SO tempting). Instead, why not try essential oils to help you relax, unwind and improve your concentration levels?

Aromatherapy can have an incredible impact on our health. Used for thousands of years, essential oils can relieve stress, heal minor skin issues and form an important part of our daily routine. Plus, when used with scented candles, it’s so easy to create your very own indoor spa experience without having to go far.

But what exactly are essential oils? They’re basically liquids derived from flowers, leaves, seeds, stems, bark, roots of plants and peel of fruits. This is what gives them their unique health benefits, as they’re all-natural with absolutely no nasties.

Before we show you how these little drops of magic can help you, let’s dive right into a little bit of history…

Back to the beginning

Ancient Egypt is most commonly known as the birthplace of essential oils. In fact, Cleopatra’s legendary beauty is said to have come from her dedicated use of Egyptian oils, which were used as part of her skincare regime alongside clays, fatty oils and salts from the Dead Sea.

The Greeks also had the right idea. While studying the positive impact that essential oils can have on the human body and mind, the famous physician Hippocrates advised that “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”

Truth is, there’s no way to specifically pinpoint the origins of essential oils, but they’ve made an appearance throughout time in many different cultures, so you better believe that aromatherapy is here to stay.

How essential oils can help you

Different essential oils have a range of different health benefits — and there are so many to choose from. If you’re suffering from stress, tiredness, sleep deprivation or need to improve the air quality around you, discover the oils that will best help you.


Best for… calming your mood
Fragrances: Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang-ylang, Basil, Cedarwood, Bergamot.


Best for… uplifting your spirits
Fragrances: Rose, Neroli, Bergamot, Jasmine, Sandalwood.

Best for… promoting good breathing & restful sleep
Fragrances: Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Geranium

Best for… energising & improving mood
Fragrances: Patchouli.

Best for… improving air quality
Fragrances: Juniper.

How to get your aromatherapy journey started

A nice long soak in the bath is one of life’s little pleasures — especially when you need to wash the worries of the day away. But don’t just stop at bubble bath. The next time you run a bath, try incorporating essential oils into your routine. We don’t recommend adding essential oils directly into the bath as they don’t dilute very well in the water. Instead, add three to twelve drops into a tablespoon of carrier oil — like coconut, sweet almond, argan or jojoba — for a truly relaxing bath time experience.

And to really create that spa experience at home, light some scented candles around the room and sit back as the fragrance fills your home with a beautiful ambiance. Not only are they great for calming the mind, but they look wonderful out on display too. Ahh, bliss…


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